Mattress Comparison

Some people prefer to lie softer, others prefer a firmer sleeping comfort. We therefore offer two mattress models: the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress and the BODYGUARD® Soft. For a better overview, you will find a comparison of both mattresses here – from the features, to the service and the individual suitability for different body types in different sleeping positions.

Illustration: two BODYGUARD Mattresses float side by side above the floor. The rear one is labeled H1/H2, the front one H3/H4. A person in the background presses both hands into the mattress to check the foam.
Features BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress BODYGUARD® Soft
Levels of Firmness H3/H4 H1/H2
Height approx. 18.5 cm (incl. cover) approx. 18.5 cm (incl. cover)
Weight approx. 12 kg (size 90 x 200 cm) approx. 12 kg (size 90 x 200 cm)
Density 35/40 kg/m³ 35/40 kg/m³
2-in-1 (Two Levels of Firmness in One Mattress) tick tick
HyBreeze® Cover tick tick
Washable up to 60 °C Maximum tick tick

Two Mattresses – Four Levels of Firmness

The only difference between the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress and the BODYGUARD® Soft is the level of firmness. You have the choice: do you prefer very soft, soft, medium firm or firm?

Mattress Comparison: Level of Firmness

Every BODYGUARD® Mattress has two levels of firmness. The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress lying side is the medium firm H3 side. The other side is the firm H4 side. The lying side of the BODYGUARD® Soft is the very soft H1 side. It suits people who like it really soft. The firmer side of the BODYGUARD® Soft is soft (H2). The favorite level of firmness in Germany is H3 – Germany sleeps medium firm.

Service BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress BODYGUARD® Soft
100 Night Trial tick tick
10-year Warranty for the Mattress Core tick tick
Free Delivery to Your Door tick tick
Carton Size on Delivery 120 x 40 x 40 cm 120 x 40 x 40 cm

Mattress Comparison: Top Service

If you compare the BODYGUARD® Mattresses, the service is of course always the same. From convenient delivery to an extensive test phase to a trouble-free return: the service offer of BODYGUARD® Mattresses is, like the mattresses themselves, an all-round feel-good package.

Illustration: a person sleeps on the side.

100 Night Trial
No matter which mattress model, we offer you 100 nights of trial sleeping. The body needs time to get used to a new mattress. We give you the time to test your mattress extensively. Take your time to compare the different degrees of firmness on the two sides of the mattress.

Illustration: a van with a crossed out euro sign on it.

Free Delivery to Your Door
Both the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress and the BODYGUARD® Soft are always delivered in the same box, regardless of the mattress size. The dimensions of the carton are 120 x 40 x 40 cm. This means that every BODYGUARD® Mattress can be delivered to your door by mail without any problems. You don't even have to be at home, a neighbor can receive the parcel.

Illustration: a certificate with the word

10 Years Warranty on the Mattress Core
The core of every BODYGUARD® Mattress consists of high-quality QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, one of the most advanced and durable mattress materials in the world. Regardless of the degree of firmness, we give a 10-year warranty on the mattress core. Even in warm and humid bed climates, BODYGUARD® Mattresses convince with their long lasting durability.

Range of Uses of BODYGUARD® Mattresses

Differences in the mattress comparison reveals the spectrum of use of BODYGUARD® Mattresses. While the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress offers optimal lying comfort for most people in any position, the BODYGUARD® Soft is designed for people who really like it soft.

The preferred level of firmness of the Germans is medium firm, which corresponds to the H3 lying side of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress. Thanks to its excellent ergonomics for everyone in the most popular level of firmness in Germany, the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress lands in front of the BODYGUARD® Soft in the popularity ranking of the mattress comparison.

Illustration of the body shapes: the heavy, bellied H type and the muscular broad-shouldered E type
Illustration of the body shapes: the slender I type and the curvy A type

BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress

Appropriate For H Type E Type I Type A Type
Side Sleepers tick tick tick tick
Back Sleepers tick tick tick tick
Stomach Sleepers tick tick tick tick

The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is suitable for all body types in every sleeping position. Heavy, light, large and small body types lie perfectly on the mattress. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach – on the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress you are well supported in every position.

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Appropriate For H Type E Type I Type A Type
Side Sleepers tick tick tick tick
Back Sleepers tick tick
Stomach Sleepers tick tick tick tick

The BODYGUARD® Soft is especially suitable for soft sleepers. Small, light people lie on it in any sleeping position in an ergonomically position. If you compare the mattresses, large and heavy people who prefer to sleep on their backs are better advised to use the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress.

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Conclusion in Mattress Comparison

The features of the two BODYGUARD® Mattresses are very similar, only the degree of firmness is different. In terms of service, both mattress models are outstanding. The range of uses of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is slightly wider than that of the BODYGUARD® Soft.

Together, the BODYGUARD® Mattresses covers almost every need. The wide range of degrees of firmness, the wide application spectrum of body types and lying positions, the great service and an extremely fair price quickly made them the best-selling mattress in Germany.

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