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 The two-colored core of the BODYGUARD® Mattress with the different ergonomic module areas. Next to it an icon: "symmetrically constructed".

Perfectly Bedded with Ergonomic Modules

Since mattresses are subjected to different loads depending on the area of the body, innovative ergonomic modules in the BODYGUARD® ensure support or relief in the right places. The modern ergonomic module technology results in a mattress that responds best to your body’s contours, creates an ergonomically correct resting posture, and increases resting comfort.

Symmetrically-Arranged Ergonomic Modules

The BODYGUARD® is subdivided into various areas, ergonomically adapted to the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar and pelvis. The symmetrical design of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress ensures that resting comfort is maintained – regardless of the orientation of the mattress. The symmetrical zones below the pelvis automatically become the thigh, calf and foot area. Each section consists of a varying number of ergonomic modules, which ensure the specific support of each body zone.

Illustration: Cross-section of the BODYGUARD® mattress with ergonomic modules labelled. A person floats above it. The ergonomic modules for head, neck, shoulders, lordosis and pelvis are shown below.
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The Ergonomic Modules in Detail

The Ergonomic Module for the Head (EMH) – There are especially stable areas for the head located at the upper and lower ends of the mattress. This especially supportive module has an additional stabilising effect on the neck area located under it. Thus even people who are somewhat shorter, who do not use the entire head area, are well supported.

The Ergonomic Module for the Neck (EMN) – The neck area starts at the first lamella of the mattress core and flows smoothly into the shoulder area. In addition, both ergonomic modules, for neck as well as shoulder, are traversed by eleven parallel compression cavities, which additionally improve the body’s ability to sink in this particularly sensitive area.

Ergonomic Modules for the Shoulders (EMS) – Most of the ergonomic modules are located in the shoulder area. The lamella in this area are particularly narrow, in order to ensure an ergonomically correct sleeping position by ensuring that the shoulders sink in without problems. As in the neck area, additional compression cavities are also located within the ergonomic modules for the shoulders.

Ergonomic Modules for the Lumbar Region (EML) – The large-area and therefore especially supportive lumbar zone secures the spine in the lumbar region, which is bent forward. This back zone requires increased supporting work, which is achieved by the special cut of the mattress core in the lumbar region.

Ergonomic Modules for the Pelvic Region (EMP) – The ergonomic modules for the pelvic area are located in the centre of the mattress. This area ensures that the centre of the body, which is usually heavier, finds a balanced relationship between support characteristics and the ability to sink in, in order to allow the spine to adopt an ergonomically correct position in recumbent bodies having different builds even at this complicated body area. The pelvic area thereby forms the centre as well as the point of symmetry, at which the underlying areas automatically become the thigh, calf and foot area, depending on the direction in which one is lying.

BODYGUARD® – One Fits All

In addition, the BODYGUARD® Mattress has a high level of point elasticity, which means that it gives way only in those places where the body exerts pressure on the sleeping pad. The advantage: heavy body parts can sink comfortably into the mattress. Light body parts, on the other hand, are optimally supported. The mattress core is highly elastic, dimensionally stable and always springs back to its original position. As a result, no body impression forms – neither in the morning nor after years of use. The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is a mattress that can be recom­mended in all respects, on which tall or heavy people can get as restful a night’s sleep as small, light people. The BODYGUARD® is one of those very rare mattresses that, thanks to its innovative ergonomic modules, is ideal for a wide variety of body shapes in all sleeping positions.

It is important that the body is placed correctly on the various modules. For this reason, we recommend different mattress lengths for specific body sizes: the BODYGUARD® in a length of 200 cm was tested by independent ergonomic institutes for persons with a body size between 153 cm and 192 cm. For persons who are over 192 cm tall, we recommend a mattress length of 210 or 220 cm.

Of course, the modern system of the ergonomic modules works on both levels of firmness (mattress sides) and thus guarantees the best lying properties for all regions of the body. Once you have decided on a mattress side, you can safely leave your BODYGUARD® in this position. The mattress is made of highly stable QXSchaum Mattress Foam®, which does not require a three-month regeneration phase. It is not necessary to flip and turn your BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress every month.

Sophisticated Technology for Your Sleep

Of course you will find the innovative ergonomic modules not just in the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress – the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Soft and the BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattresses also benefit from this advanced principle. If you are looking for the highest level of sleeping comfort, then you will be well served with the BODYGUARD® series.