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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

Product Information & Care

The BODYGUARD® has a moderately firm top and a firmer underside. Simply flipping the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress over and trying the other side will reveal which firmness you prefer. If you would like an extremely soft bed, our BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Soft will be a good choice.

For newborns, babies and toddlers, we recommend the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress.

The BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is designed for use from birth up to a body height of 120 cm (for the 70x140 cm children's mattress) or 100 cm (for the 60x120 cm baby mattress).

The BODYGUARD® is available in different sizes, from 70x200 cm to 200x220 cm. You can easily select the size you want on the product page. The total height of the BODYGUARD® Mattress is approx. 18.5 cm.

Do you need a different size? Please contact our Customer Service.

We offer the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress in the versions baby mattress 60x120 cm and children's mattress 70x140 cm. Both sizes are suitable from birth. The only difference between them is the maximum period of use, which for the 70x140 cm children's mattress is up to a body height of 120 cm. For the 60x120 cm baby mattress, you should change to the next larger model when the child reaches a body height of 100 cm.

The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is a mattress for many body types. Every sleeping position, whether stomach, side or back sleeper is excellently supported on its ergonomic modules. Thanks to the 2in1DUO system, every BODYGUARD® has two degrees of firmnesses in one mattress. The firmness level is less a question of body weight than of taste. Most people in Germany prefer "medium firm".

For the special needs of newborns, babies and toddlers, we offer the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress.

The HEIA typology is used to classify body types according to their body's centre of gravity. Different bodies stress mattresses in different ways. A mattress should offer the right sinking and support behaviour for the individually stressed body zones. The individual letters of the HEIA typology are modelled on the common different body shapes. Each letter stands for a body type with different demands on the mattress:

- large, heavy people
- Body centre of gravity in the abdominal area

- athletic, tall people
- Body centres of gravity in the shoulder and hip area

- small, light people
- no outstanding body centre of gravity

- small, curvy people
- Body centre of gravity in the hip area

With the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper, you lie higher off the floor and you add a softer layer to the two degrees of firmness that our BODYGUARD® Mattresses come in. The BODYGUARD® Mattress topper has a different covering on each side: On the one side, you are lying on our elastic HyBreeze® Cover with exceptional breathability, and on the other side you are sleeping on the high-quality BaumwollSleep® Cotton Fabric. Our BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper is made of especially soft cold foam and, just like BODYGUARD® Mattresses, is subdivided into symmetrically-arranged ergonomic module areas. The mattress topper thus not only ensures additional pressure relief, but also adapts individually to the individual body areas. You can order the mattress topper in almost all of the available mattress sizes, with the exception of the special lengths of 210 cm and 220 cm and the special width of 70 cm. It can be easily attached to the mattress with the help of convenient retaining tabs. The material can be washed at 40°C. Due to the size, however, it should be hand-washed or given a professional cleaning.

The BODYGUARD® is made of innovative, high-quality QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, the most advanced mattress material.

The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress and the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress are clean mattresses. They are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 in the highest class 1 for baby products.

The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress and the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress are clean mattresses. They are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 in the highest class 1 for baby products.

Yes, the cover is easy to wash. With a practical all-round zipper, the cover can be removed separately and both sides can be washed separately in a household washing machine at up to 60 °C. Please refrain from bleaching or ironing your mattress cover. The cover is not suitable for dryers. Please air-dry only.

All textile components and the removable lying surface of the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress can be washed in any standard washing machine at up to 60°C on a delicates wash cycle. The cover can be removed separately with a practical all-round zipper. The zipper of the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is also protected against the risk of swallowing through a separate handle plate. Please refrain from bleaching or ironing the mattress cover or the lying surface. Please dry all washable parts only in the air and not by machine.

It is not necessary to flip and turn your BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress every month. The mattress is made of highly stable QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, which does not require a three-month regeneration phase. Once you have decided on a degree of firmness, you can safely leave your BODYGUARD® in this position for an extended time.

Mattresses often have a “new” smell due to methods of production. This “new” smell has no impact on health. The BODYGUARD® has been tested for hazardous substances by various authorities and has been certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 in class I for baby products. We make every effort to provide you with an odourless BODYGUARD®. Nevertheless, in the exceptional circumstance that you notice a “new” smell, this will dissipate after some time. If this occurs, please ventilate the bedroom several times a day. Often, the “new” smell also disappears once you have washed the cover for the first time (see in FAQ: Is the cover washable?). If the “new” smell persists for more than 14 days, please contact our Customer Service.

The BODYGUARD® Memory Foam Pillow consists of an innovative, highly elastic viscoelastic foam. The HyBreeze® Cover consists of 100% polyester and can be washed at 60 °C. Not suitable for dryers.

The details concerning mattress sizes in cm (length and width) are approximate, since deviations of max. +/- 2 cm may occur in individual cases due to production. Deviations within this tolerance range are not grounds for a complaint.

The slatted frame is available in five different sizes – from 80x200 cm to 140x200 cm. You can easily select the size you want on the product page. The total height of the BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame is approximately 7.5 cm.

The BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame is also available upon request in the following special sizes:
  80 cm x 190/210/220 cm
  90 cm x 190/210/220 cm
100 cm x 190/210/220 cm
120 cm x 190/210/220 cm
140 cm x 190/210/220 cm

Please contact our Customer Service.

The slatted frame consists exclusively of beech wood from sustainable forestry. The material ensures sustainability and high stability.

Payment & Shipping

We offer the following payment options: credit card, advance payment, SOFORT transfer, PayPal, instalment plan and purchase on account. If you have selected the INSTALMENT PLAN or PURCHASE ON ACCOUNT payment option, you will receive your invoice and all information pertaining to the payment directly from the Klarna Group Deutschland exclusively (klarna.com/de/smoooth-mehrzuklarna/). Further information can be found under payment options in our General Terms and Conditions.

Payment can also be made by using a valid bett1.de gift voucher. Mattresses, mattress toppers and slatted frames in special sizes, that are not part of our regular product range, are excluded from payment by bett1.de gift voucher.

We would be happy to offer you the option of paying in instalments. The flexible instalment plan allows you to pay your bill at your own pace. You can decide how much you pay on a month-by-month basis. A monthly minimum defined on the monthly bill must first be paid. You can then select the amount that goes beyond that minimum payment, or pay the remaining balance in full at any time. Payment of your purchase on an instalment plan is managed by the Klarna Group Deutschland. To this end, the Klarna Group Germany will first check your credit rating. Please understand that we cannot influence this credit check. Further information can be obtained directly from Klarna Group Germany and at www.klarna.com/de.

Shipping within the Federal Republic of Germany (except for its islands): from a product value of €49.00, shipping is free.

See also shipping costs.

An order confirmation will automatically be sent to you by email once you have placed the order. If necessary, please check your spam folder.

On receipt of payment we deliver BODYGUARD® products within the respective periods indicated on the product pages.

Within Germany we ship our products through DPD, DHL or GLS. As soon as your order is received by the shipping department, you will receive an email identifying the logistics partner that will be delivering your order. In the email you will also receive a shipment number that will help you track your shipment on the websites of the respective logistics partner. Other services, for example “DPD Predict”, allow you to set delivery to your desired date. Products that cannot be shipped by parcel service because of their properties will be delivered by a forwarding company. In this case, a telephone notification will be made by the forwarding company in advance.

Your BODYGUARD® is specially compressed, which allows us to send it in a box (120 x 40 x 40 cm) via DPD or DHL. The BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is also delivered to your door in a compact package (size 37 x 37 x 55 cm). You can sleep on your BODYGUARD® Mattress approx. eight minutes after unpacking it (opening the film).
Please note that your BODYGUARD® Mattress should not be left in its compressed state for more than four weeks after delivery.

The BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame is delivered free of charge to your nearest kerbside by a delivery service. You are required to be at home for the delivery.

For production reasons the BODYGUARD® Mattresses use two different compression methods (packaging processes). It may therefore occur that the way in which the delivered BODYGUARD® Mattresses are packaged in film will differ. All BODYGUARD® Mattresses, nevertheless, are shipped in the same box size (120 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm).

When ordering the same item, delivery is generally on the same day. Due to different delivery times and different shipping methods for the mattress, pillow plus and slatted frame, we cannot guarantee a coordinated delivery for orders of different items (for example: slatted frame and mattress).

An order to Austria is possible directly through our shop page bett1.at. Please order to France via bett1.fr, to Spain via bett1.es, to Poland via bett1.pl and to Switzerland via bett1.ch. We can also deliver your order to other countries on request. There may be additional costs for shipping abroad. For more specific information, please contact our Customer Service. Email: [email protected] or by phone, Tel.: +49 (0)30 767 317 272

No. bett1.de does not reimburse the VAT for deliveries that were originally sent to a German shipping address and later exported / taken by the customer to third countries (e.g. Switzerland).

Warranty & Exchange

If you, as the consumer, are not satisfied with your BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress or BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress, you may return it within 100 days from the date of delivery. You simply have to send your return request by email to [email protected]. The additional right of return does not apply for the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress. We or a shipping company appointed by us will agree the collection date and place with you. The place of collection can be any place that is also a permitted place of delivery (see AGB section 5). The collection is free of charge. For pick-up, the unpacked BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress or BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress does not need to be returned in the original shipping box. Just wrap them in the foil we send you.

If an agreed pick-up fails twice for a reason for which you are responsible, the supplementary right of return shall be deemed to have not been exercised. We will refund the purchase price upon receipt of the mattress. Should the mattress be lost during the return delivery, we will be responsible. The supplementary right of return exists in any case in addition to your statutory right of withdrawal and also leaves any warranty claims unaffected.

All products are subject to a statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. In addition, we offer a supplementary 100-day right of return for the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress or BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress.

You have the right to withdraw from your contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. The withdrawal period is fourteen days starting on the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, takes possession of the goods. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision in a clear statement. To observe the withdrawal period it is sufficient if you send notice that you are exercising the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period expires.

If you withdraw from this Agreement, we must immediately reimburse all payments that we have received from you, including delivery charges (with the exception of the additional costs arising from choosing a delivery method other than the most favourable standard delivery we offer) no later, however, than fourteen days from the date on which we received notification of your withdrawal from this Agreement. We will use the same means of payment for this refund that you used for the original transaction unless otherwise expressly agreed; in no case will you be charged for these repayment fees.

We will pick up the goods. If the collection address is located within the Federal Republic of Germany (except its islands), we shall meet the costs of returning the goods. If the collection address is located outside the Federal Republic of Germany or on a German island, you will bear the direct cost of the return delivery of the goods. For goods that cannot normally be sent by post due to their properties, the cost for a return delivery from an island or a Member State of the European Union not mentioned above is €115.00/item, from elsewhere abroad €159.00/item. In the case of goods that can be sent normally by post (such as unpacked and mattresses still in compressed state in their original packaging, or pillows) the cost is €39/item. For a return delivery from all remaining foreign (non-EU) countries the cost is, in general, €159.00/item.

We offer a supplementary 100-day right of return for the BODYGUARD® Mattress or for the BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress, which also provides you with the opportunity to return the mattress after the expiration of the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days. Such a supplementary right of return exists in any event, in addition to your statutory right of withdrawal, and also leaves any warranty claims unaffected (see also in our GTC)

If you make use of your statutory right of withdrawal (see above), then in derogation to the above provisions, the provisions regarding the consequences for exercising the statutory right of withdrawal shall apply.

You can reach us at:

bett1.de GmbH
Tauentzienstr. 11
10789 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 7673172-72
E-Mail: [email protected]

We want you to be satisfied with your BODYGUARD® Mattress for a long time. This is why we give you a 10-year warranty on the mattress core. Within the first two years after the purchase date, the warranties are entirely free of charge for you. In the 3rd year of use, we still provide a warranty for 60% of the proven purchase price, which falls to 50% in the 4th year, 40% in the 5th year, 20% in the 6th year and 10% in the 7th-10th years of use. The mattress cover is under a two-year warranty. Our warranty is subject to German law. The scope of the warranty is limited to EU countries and Switzerland. The statutory warranty of the dealer remains unaffected. The warranty period begins on the date of delivery. The proof of purchase is needed as proof of warranty.

Defects caused by improper use by the customer after delivery shall be excluded from the warranty, i.e. cuts, rips, nicks, scratches and dirt. Furthermore, mattress covers, handles and zips as well as the standard changes to the firmness shall be excluded from this extended warranty. A reduction in the mattress height of up to 15% is normal and shall be excluded from the warranty.

The warranty also does not cover incidental or consequential damages. The warranty therefore does not cover damage caused by incorrect installation, handling or maintenance.

The warranty is valid for private and indoor use only. The warranty does not apply if products have been used outdoors or in a damp environment. Mould growth is excluded from the warranty. Colour changes to the mattress foam and the formation of creases on the cover as a result of the incorrect positioning of the bed base are also normal. Therefore, these factors shall not be accepted as causes for a complaint. The repair or replacement of the product in question does not trigger a new warranty period.

1. Please fill in our complaint form. You can download it at the following link: Complaint form.

Please fill in the form and send it to us by email or post.

2. We will subsequently organise the conditional free pick-up of the goods (see item 3).

3. We will inspect the product in question and decide whether a warranty claim is valid in this case.

Products that have been used are not placed back in circulation. In case of a requested return, we coordinate the pick-up by a logistics partner.

To conserve resources and the environment, we recycle everything that can be recycled from the mattress. The rest is disposed of professionally. We constantly monitor the latest advances in innovative recycling technologies and incorporate these findings into the optimisation of our recycling process.

Through our collaboration with the global aid network GAiN, a large proportion of returned mattresses go to humanitarian aid projects. Beforehand, we subject the mattresses to a thorough inspection. This ensures that only returned mattresses that meet our high quality standards reach the people in crisis situations and war zones.

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