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Everything you need for a good night’s sleep
BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Germany’s Best-Selling Mattress
from €199.00
BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress Boxspring Feeling without metal springs made of 100 % solid foam. One side medium, the other firmer.
from €333.00
BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress Growing up with the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress
from €139.00
BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Soft Only for soft sleepers. One side is soft, the other side firmer – simply flip it over and change the firmness level.
from €199.00
BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress Soft Boxspring Feeling without metal springs made of 100 % solid foam. One side soft, the other firmer.
from €333.00
BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Made of beech wood for maximum stability. With height-adjustable head and foot section.
from €179.00
BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic The strong base for your sleep. No frills, just good beech.
from €129.00
BODYGUARD® Memory Foam Pillow Ergonomically shaped visco foam support core. Flexible height adjustment, for every head.
from €69.00
BODYGUARD® Ergonomic Pillow Your head on cloud-soft foam and effective relief for your neck.
BODYGUARD® Bolster Set to lie down from head to toe. The half roll for the neck, knees and feet.
BODYGUARD® Knee Pillow Ideal for sleeping on your side. Protects your knees in the lateral position.
BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow Makes tired legs lively: simply put your legs up and relax.
BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper For all those who like it softer. Matched to the ergonomic areas of the BODYGUARD® mattress.
from €99.00
BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress Protector Keeps your child dry through the night: waterproof, non-slip and breathable.
from €29.90
BODYGUARD® Incontinence Cover Safe, Clean, Absorbent
from €39.90
BODYGUARD® Satin Bed Linen Fine satin made from 100% cotton with a particularly airy feel. Ideal for the summer.
from €79.90
BODYGUARD® Flannel Bed Linen Soft flannel made of 100% cotton. Particularly cuddly, ideal for winter.
from €45.90
BODYGUARD® Jersey Fitted Sheet Fits, does not wobble and allows air to reach the skin – for an optimal sleeping climate.
from €23.90
BODYGUARD® Fitted Sheet Extra Deep Extra high and really comfortable. The fitted sheet with the special standing height.
from €29.90
BODYGUARD® Kids Fitted Sheet For a comfortable child's sleep: secure fit even under heavy use.
from €19.90
bett1.de Gift Voucher Good sleep can also be given as a gift. For every occasion and every budget.
from €5.00
*Introductory offers are only available until the end date specified in each case. After this date, the respective products will be offered at the regular price (cancellation price). On the occasion of the product launch of the HULK, the prices from € 399.60 apply in relation to the regular product prices from € 444.00, which will come into force on 22 December 2023.