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BODYGUARD® Jersey Fitted Sheet Fits, does not wobble and allows air to reach the skin – for an optimal sleeping climate.
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BODYGUARD® Fitted Sheet Extra Deep Extra high and really comfortable. The fitted sheet with the special standing height.
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BODYGUARD® Kids Fitted Sheet For a comfortable child's sleep: secure fit even under heavy use.
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What is a good bed sheet?

The original function of bed sheets was to extend the life of the mattress. Sheets protect against impurities such as sweat and dander. Today, the sheet is our most important ally when it comes to feeling comfortable in our own feathers. No matter what we sleep on, whether box spring bed, waterbed, cold foam mattress or Euro pallets, the fitted sheet is the crowning glory.
The choice of bed sheet is a matter of feeling: the fabric should simply feel good. Different materials have different properties. What can the individual fabrics do for you? An all-round elasticated drawstring ensures that the fitted sheet provides the right support. The sheet size should match the mattress, as should the height of the mattress.

All-round elasticated drawstring on the fitted sheet for a perfect fit

Bed linen should not only be comfortable on the skin, but also easy to change. Traditional bed sheets require time-consuming pinning and smoothing after each use. Since the invention of the fitted sheet, making the bed has been much easier and quicker. The all-round elasticated drawstring makes it child's play to make your bed with a fitted sheet. Quick to put on and take off, fitted sheets are increasingly replacing simple sheets in bedrooms. The only difficulty is when folding the elasticated hem of the sheet. However, with the right folding technique, folding is just as easy as with a normal bed sheet.

Tip: Some fitted sheets only have an elasticated band on two opposite sides. When buying, look for an all-round elasticated band - this will ensure your sheet sits firmly on the mattress on all sides

From-To Sizes for Fitted Sheets

The elasticated band on the fitted sheet gives the sheet room to manoeuvre when fitting different mattress sizes. It is therefore common to specify "from-to" sizes instead of exact sheet sizes according to the standard mattress dimensions. From-to sizes for fitted sheets only work really well between two neighbouring mattress sizes. For single mattresses, the sheets may therefore have 10 cm play, for mattresses for couples 20 cm. Highly variable from-to sizes for fitted sheets have their pitfalls: They crease on smaller mattresses, and on larger mattresses the sheet can literally jump off the mattress.

Stitch Height for a Firm Hold

The height of the fitted sheet is an important factor for comfort when covering the bed. It also ensures a firm hold when using the sheets. The height of the fitted sheet should give you enough room to pull the sheet under your mattress. The rise height is made up of the mattress height and an additional edge under the mattress.

An extra high mattress, such as the BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress made of 100% foam, can measure up to 28 cm in height. Of course, you will need a sheet with a particularly high support height for this.

A mattress should be at least 16 cm high. A comfortable height of around 30 cm ensures an optimum fit for most mattresses and still has enough space for a topper on the mattress.

What Is the Best Material for Fitted Sheets?

The bed sheet was invented in Egypt and was originally made from linen. The elaborate processing of linen was used until the 19th century. Cotton eventually replaced the tried and tested material for making sheets. Today, bed sheets are made from a wide variety of materials. Certain materials for fitted sheets offer the possibility of specifically influencing sleeping comfort. Some make the sheet particularly soft, others feel warming or cooling on the skin. Sheets are therefore available for different seasons or requirements.

Jersey Fitted Sheets - the All-Rounder Material

Close-up of jersey fitted sheet

Jersey bed linen fulfils many different sleeping needs. Jersey is a fabric made from various materials, including cotton, wool, wool blend yarn, yarn, silk or viscose. Sheets made from jersey ensure a smooth feel against the skin. The special knitted structure makes jersey sheets particularly elastic. A light ribbed pattern creates ventilation channels in the fabric, which generate a high level of breathability. Jersey sheets are also absorbent, robust and often non-iron.

soft haptics



The BODYGUARD® Jersey Fitted Sheet is made of 96% cotton and is enriched with 4% elastane to ensure an optimum fit.

Sheets Made of Terry Towelling, Flannel or Beaver

Three-part graphic: Terry sheet, flannel sheet, beaver sheet

Flannel or beaver bed sheets are popular with people who prefer to be a little cosy or who get cold easily. Flannel sheets are made from pure cotton fabric. Flannel is dense and roughened on both sides. This makes the material appear fluffy and soft. The roughened fabric provides a raised surface structure in which air can collect and warm up, creating a cosy feeling.

soft hapticsnot washable up to 60 °C
warm feel



Satin Sheets - Cool and Elegant

Close-up: Satin sheet

Satin sheets are very soft and smooth. Satin refers to a specific weaving process that produces a particularly fine-threaded fabric in an elaborate satin weave.

cool feel
not washable up to 60 °C

The three best-known types of satin bed linen are:

  • Satin made from synthetic materials, cotton or blended fabrics
  • Mako satin made from combed or supercombed cotton
  • Damask made from pure cotton with a floral pattern for an interplay of shiny and matt effects

Fitted Sheet Made of Microfibre

Folded microfibre sheets

Microfibre is an excellent cover fabric for summer nights and people who like to sleep cooler. The fine and thin fibres make microfibre fabric particularly permeable to air. Numerous small pores lead to an increased number of air chambers, making the material feel soft and airy. The high breathability means that moisture is quickly absorbed and released back into the environment. This ensures a pleasant sleeping climate and quick drying after washing. For people with allergies, the advantage of microfibre is that it offers very poor living conditions for mites and is generally free from allergens.

light, soft fabric
no longer non-iron with fabric softener
washable up to 60 °C
fast drying
cool skin feel

It is not for nothing that we make the mattress cover of our BODYGUARD® Mattresses from 100% polyester.

Fitted Sheets Made of Seersucker

Close-up of the creped structure of seersucker

Fitted sheets made from seersucker are also cotton sheets. The surface is visually and haptically different due to the so-called crinkle effect. This surface structure ensures that these sheets are also non-iron. The rough feel also ensures that the sheet does not slip. The creped structure supports air circulation and therefore the breathability of the sheets. The air chambers of seersucker sheets contribute to thermal insulation.

non-slipnot very tear resistant
rough feel
washable up to 60 °C

The structure of seersucker sheets can be produced in different ways. In fact, not every fitted sheet labelled as seersucker is made of seersucker:

  • Genuine seersucker: during the weaving process, the warp threads are tensioned differently. This creates gathered and smooth fabric tiles.
  • False seersucker: After the weaving process, substances are applied that cause the cotton fibres to swell in the corresponding areas.

Fitted Sheets Made of Linen

Close-up: Linen bed sheet

Linen sheets spun or woven from flax are the classic duvet cover. Linen is durable and is characterised by its high absorbency. For this reason, the material is mainly used for tea towels. Linen sheets are ideal for those who perspire heavily. The smooth surface of linen fitted sheets also ensures a cool feeling on the skin.

resistantslow drying
not crease resistant
washable up to 90 °Chard to iron
cool surface

Fitted Sheets Made of Linon

Close-up of fitted sheet made of Linon

Linon sheets are particularly easy to clean: even after bleaching, boiling and even dyeing, there are hardly any permanent marks. It is a material that belongs to the cotton fabric family and is made from coarse yarns. Linon sheets are flexible. The surface feels smooth and pleasant on the skin.

resistantslow drying
not non-iron