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Lifts up Tired Legs

The BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow

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The Pillow to Relax Your Legs

The ergonomic BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow relieves heavy legs. After prolonged sitting or standing, blood can build up in the legs and obstruct venous return. Thanks to its wavy shape, the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow allows you to rest your legs comfortably and relaxes your whole body. Make yourself comfortable and rest your legs on the pillow while reading a good book, watching TV or sleeping.

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Certified Quality

All our products with which you sleep in close contact with your skin are tested by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for health safety.

Sustainable Thinking

Clever and future-oriented packaging: our cartons are made of recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Relief for Legs,
Back and Soul

Complaints such as calf cramps, tension pain or swollen ankles often come from too much fluid in the legs. The elevation of the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow supports optimal blood flow. The comfortable angle of the leg elevation pillow ensures a relaxed lying position when sleeping or relaxing. You can also use the pillow as a back support for a comfortable sitting position when reading or doing other sedentary activities.

Ergonomically Shaped

The ergonomically shaped core of the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow is made of stable QXSchaum® Mattress Foam. It allows the legs to lie exactly on the pillow and provides a high level of support, whether in the supine or side position. When the legs are raised, you take the load off the lumbar region and can compensate for a hollow back.


The core made of QXSchaum® Mattress Foam keeps the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow in shape. Together with the breathable HyBreeze® Cover, it ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. The air-permeable combination of cover and core makes the release of body moisture rapid and pleasant.


The removable HyBreeze® Cover is hygienically washable at 60 °C in any standard household washing machine. After washing, the cover, which dries quickly in the air, is ready for use again after a short period of time.

Care Instructions

To ensure that you enjoy your BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow for a long time, please note the following care instructions for the HyBreeze® Cover:

  • can be washed at 60 °C maximum
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • no bleach
  • do not iron
  • gentle cleaning with perchlor­ethylene possible

They Go Together

The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is the optimal match for the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow. The outstanding ergonomics of the mattress interact ideally with the BODYGUARD® Leg Elevation Pillow. The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress fits into any bed and provides effective pressure relief all over the body.