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Well bedded on stable beech wood

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Robust and Flexible

The BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic is thoughtful design made of high quality beech wood. Beech is stable and flexible – the ideal wood for heavy-duty craftsmanship. The quality advantage of real beech is particularly noticeable in wider slatted frames: a slatted frame made of beech wood is hard-wearing and durable. That is why we manufacture all wooden elements of the BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic from 100% beech wood.

Real Beech
Truly Sustainable

For the production of our BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic, we use durable beech wood from sustainable forestry. When choosing our suppliers, we make sure to use wood from FSC-certified dealers. In this way, we support the balance between active species protection and the social use of wood as a raw material. All wooden parts are also surface-finished with a resin layer and permanently impregnated. Because durability is truly sustainable.

Der BODYGUARD® Lattenrost Starr von der Seite; rechts oben im Bild vier Symbole von Blättern die von links nach rechts immer mehr werden; das letzte Symbole ist von zwei darum kreisenden Pfeilen umschlossen.

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Stable Framework
Precise Ergonomy

Our BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic reacts together with the mattress to the most varied ergonomic challenges of the body zones. Well-designed slat spacing supports the stability of the mattress lying on it. Thanks to the open construction, the excellent air circulation enriches your sleeping climate and your sleep quality.

Real Handicraft
from Genuine Wood

The BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic is still made by hand: the frame is firmly screwed together with sturdy bolts instead of just being glued. The synthetic rubber spring caps are attached to the beech wood frame with screws instead of simply being stapled in place. Order your BODYGUARD® Slatted Frame Basic with just one click and rest on stable and sustainable craftsmanship.

They Go Together

If you want to achieve optimal performance, you need good partners you can rely on. This also holds true for the BODYGUARD® series: our Pillow Plus and Slatted Frames work best when they are teamed up with Germany’s most beloved mattress – the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress.