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Higher. Softer. Topper.

Always one level softer on the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper
Product information "BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper"
The 4 cm high BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper is the optimal cushion for everyone who likes it softer. Add another, softer version to the existing two degrees of firmness in your BODYGUARD® Mattress. Just like the mattress, the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper is divided into different ergonomic areas. This ensures a perfect interaction with the BODYGUARD® Mattress.
  • optimal pressure relief of all body zones
  • softer resting comfort with consistent ergonomics
  • free delivery to your door within Germany

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The BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper

The BODYGUARD® mattress without mattress cover, with the topper floating on top.

Well Matched

The BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper adapts to all body shapes in all lying positions perfectly. It is designed as an extra soft addition to the BODYGUARD® Mattress. The ergonomic module areas correspond to those in the BODYGUARD® Mattress and thus ensure outstanding pressure relief.

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The topper lies on the BODYGUARD® mattress. Zoom on the attachment through the retaining strap

Everything Soft
Comes from Above

The BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper adds an additional variant to the two already integrated levels of firmness of your BODYGUARD® Mattress. Place the mattress topper on the medium firm side of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress, and you will sleep softer ever after. Use our mattress topper on the soft side of your BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Soft, and you can achieve a whole new level of softness.

Two Sides, One Thought

Both sides of the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper have a different cover. There is an elastic HyBreeze® Cover on one side for exceptional breathability. The HyBreeze® Cover combines an outstanding sleeping environment with a comfortable textile feel. We covered the other side with high-quality BaumwollSleep® Cotton Fabric.

The topper lies on the BODYGUARD® mattress and is attached to it with the retaining straps. A circle of arrows in which the other side of the cover can be seen

At Its Core, a Small
Ergonomic Wonder

The inside of the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper consists of especially soft cold foam, which additionally cushions any underlay. The innovative ergonomic modules of the BODYGUARD® Mattress were also used for the Mattress Topper, creating a harmonious interaction between mattress and mattress topper. The BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper provides you with additional pressure relief in the especially sensitive neck and shoulder areas, as well as in the fragile lumbar area.

Fits All Sizes

Of course, the BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper can be ordered for all available sizes of the BODYGUARD® Mattresses having a length of 200 cm. With the practical attachment loops, the mattress topper stays exactly where you place it. No annoying slipping or bumps – just a feeling of lying on a soft cloud. The ergonomic areas are arranged symmetrically in the mattress topper as well, so you can easily pull it onto the mattress in all directions.

 Care instructions for topper with text: top side HyBreeze made of 100 % polyester | underside BaumwollSleep made of 68 % cotton and 32 % polyester

Care Instructions

To ensure that you enjoy your BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper for a long time, please note the following care instructions:

  • can be washed at 40°C maximum
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • no bleach
  • do not iron
  • gentle cleaning with perchlorethylene possible

They Go Together

The BODYGUARD® Mattress Topper is perfectly matched to the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress. It adds a softer version to the two existing degrees of firmness. The outstanding ergonomics of the BODYGUARD® Mattress remain completely intact.

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