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BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress

The Powerhouse
Superpower of Coziness

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BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress
Right Height for Your Bed

Die BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress provides a comfortable height in all beds. Enjoy a pleasant entry into bed and a powerful exit out into the day.

High Performance from Germany

Highly Elastic Foam

The BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress has a highly elastic approx. 27,5 cm deep core made of specially developed QXSchaum®. This is such high quality that we give you 10 years warranty on the mattress core! Each mattress is 100% developed and foamed in Germany. Each cover sewn in Germany & Europe. The mattress is 100% finished in Germany.

Ultra Comfortable Lying

Unsure which firmness level is right for you? We'll give you a mattress with two sides and 100 nights to try it out at your leisure. One side firmer and one side softer. How do you prefer to lie? Find out – just turn it over!

Extremely Hygienic Cleanliness

Washing at 60 °C ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness. You can remove the HyBreeze® Cover thanks to the practical zipper and wash it at 60 °C in the washing machine. The BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress has been tested according to the OEKO-TEX® standard in the strictest product class 1 (test no. 17.0.21008 Hohenstein). The label guarantees harmlessness to health in accordance with legal limits.


100 Night Trial

Safely test how you sleep at home with our 100 Night Trial.
See for yourself and experience the BODYGUARD®.

10-Year Warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for the mattress core. Long durability.

Made in Germany

BODYGUARD® developed in
Core foamed in
Cover sewn in
Europe and Germany.
100% in Germany.

Super Comfortable
For The Body

The BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress is divided into symmetrically arranged ergonomic modules for the head, neck, shoulder, lordosis and pelvis regions. The areas underneath become "automatically" the upper, lower leg and foot zones. This ensures the excellent lying properties for all body regions, regardless of the lying direction.

Care Instructions

To ensure that you enjoy your Mattress for a long time, please note the following care instructions for the HyBreeze® Cover:

  • can be washed at 60 °C maximum
  • no bleach
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • do not iron
  • gentle cleaning with perchlor­ethylene possible

They Go Together

The BODYGUARD® Pillow Plus is a fantastic addition to the outstanding ergonomics of the BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress. On the flexibly height-adjustable pillow, you decide how high you want to lie. The material provides effective pressure relief in the sensitive shoulder and neck area. In the sizes 40 x 80 cm or 40 x 40 cm, the pillow fits into any bed or is your comfortable companion when traveling or on the road.