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Product information "BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress"
The core of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is approx. 18,5 cm deep and made of innovative QXSchaum® Mattress Foam. As the most advanced mattress material in the world, this ensures optimal sleeping comfort. It is not without reason that the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress has been sold over 4 million times. See for yourself.
  • Stiftung Warentest: TEST WINNER – Score 1.6
  •  two levels of firmness in one mattress (medium firm/firmer)
  •  10-year warranty on durability & core
  •  free delivery to your door within Germany 
  • 100 Night Trial: test how you sleep with money-back guarantee

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One Mattress
Twice as Good

With the  approx. 18.5 cm high BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress, you have a choice: would you rather sleep on a medium firm bed, or on a firmer bed? Upper side and lower side provide you with different levels of firmness – you can sleep on the side you prefer. Just flip it! Whatever your choice, your body will be optimally supported on the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress.

More About Levels of Firmness

Many Modules for a Good Night’s Sleep

The BODYGUARD® is subdivided into symmetrically-arranged ergonomic modules for the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar and pelvic regions. The ergonomic module areas below the pelvis “automatically” become the thigh, calf and foot zone. With this simple but ingenious system, the BODYGUARD® ensures the best lying properties for all regions of the body, regardless of your lying position.

More About Ergonomic Modules

BODYGUARD® Keeps Its Promises

 Illustration: A person is lying on their side with their head on a pillow.

100 Night Trial

Safely test how you sleep at home with our 100 Night Trial.
See for yourself and experience the BODYGUARD®.
 Illustration: A sketched certificate with the text "Warrantie 10".

10-Year Warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for the mattress core. Long durability.

 Illustration: A map of Germany in black, red and gold with the text "Made in Germany".

Made in Germany

BODYGUARD® developed in
Core foamed in
Cover sewn in
Europe and Germany..
100% in Germany.

Light and Effective

A head start with the innovative QXSchaum® Mattress Foam

Very Good Durability with a Light Weight
The 18 cm high core of the bett1.de mattress consists of high-quality QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, an exception­ally elastic and durable poly­urethane foam (PUR). This is more stable than mattress cores made of conventional materials. Due to its density, QXSchaum® Mattress Foam also gets away with having a very low weight. This facilitates transport and optimizes handling.
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QXSchaum® Mattress Foam Retains Its Shape

In many mattress models, body impressions form at night and rebound only during the course of the day. Over time, these expand and become deeper. This is not the case with the bett1.de mattress. Here, the durable QXSchaum® Mattress Foam provides consistent dimensional stability. Whether in the morning or in the evening, after a day, a year or after ten years of use  the BODYGUARD® retains its shape.

Find Out More About QXSchaum® Mattress Foam
Graphic: Behaviour of QXFoam®, latex foam and cold foam in comparison during the day/night cycle.

With the bett1.de mattress, you are choosing a particularly high-quality product that you will no longer want to live without. Each mattress core in the many sizes available is made of a single piece and thus offers you the best sleeping comfort. Order your desired size with just one click and the bett1.de mattress will help you dream.

and Comfortable

The breathable HyBreeze® Cover on the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress allows optimal wicking of body moisture and ensures a comfortable sleeping environment. A practical all-round zipper divides the removable cover into two halves and thus makes it possible to wash these separately in a washing machine at a hygienic 60 °C.

More About the HyBreeze® Cover
Illustration: Arrows penetrate the pores of a piece of the HyBreeze® Cover. Next to it are three symbols: an opening zipper, a laundry symbol and curled lines for air drying.
Illustration: Arranged side by side are stylized symbols: a plant under a sun. Next to it, crossed out: an alder meyer's flask, a drop of water, three wavy lines.

Clean Through and

The BODYGUARD® is a clean mattress and has been tested according to Oeko-Tex® Standard (Test no. 17.0.21008 Hohenstein) in the strictest Class 1. The result: it contains no softeners, flame retardants or pesticides.

More About Health and Environment

Care instructions with text:HyBreeze® Cover made of 100 % polyester, removable cover: washable and quick-drying

Care Instructions

To ensure that you enjoy your BODYGUARD® Mattress for a long time, please note the following care instructions for the HyBreeze® Cover:

  • can be washed at 60 °C maximum
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • no bleach
  • do not iron
  • gentle cleaning with perchlor­ethylene possible

May We Introduce To You? The BODYGUARD®

Mattress for All

Good sleep influences our well-being and quality of life. It lets us get up in the morning full of energy and makes us fit for the day. We want everyone to sleep well. We have developed the BODYGUARD® Mattress according to this premise and offer it – affordable for all – permanently and transparently at a fair price.

Illustration: Eight different people with very different body types - from tall to short and narrow to wide.
Illustration: Two young-looking adults stand in a bedroom with a double bed and BODYGUARD® mattress; one person holds a baby in their arms.
Illustration: A youthfully dressed person stands in a bedroom with a single bed and BODYGUARD® mattress.
Illustration: Two older-looking people are standing in a bedroom with a double bed and BODYGUARD® mattress.
Illustration: A child stands in a children's room with a single bed and BODYGUARD® Mattress.
Illustration: A person of broad build with a pronounced stomach stands in a room with a single bed and BODYGUARD® Mattress.

A Mattress Against the Cartel

A mattress designed to shed light on the mattress jungle and offer consumers quality at a fair price.

Learn more about the anti-cartel story behind bett1.de and the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress.