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1. Select a design.
2. Enter the desired amount.
3. Once you have purchased your bett1.de gift voucher, an order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. You will then receive another email with the bett1.de gift voucher as a PDF, which you can then print at home or at a print shop.

Tipp: If you like, you can place the gift voucher in the small BODYGUARD® gift box. Find out how to create your own here (in German language only).

Easily Gift

Admittedly, it’s difficult to wrap up a mattress, not to mention find out the right size and firmness. And even though the BODYGUARD® Mattress comes packaged in a compact cardboard box, it’s still a little awkward to fit on the gift table. With the bett1.de gift voucher, now you can give a gift from the BODYGUARD® series, simply and easily.

A Gift Voucher
for Every Occasion

The bett1.de gift voucher is the ideal gift for all ages on every occasion: your son or daughter’s first home, treating your dear grandparents to the ultimate night’s sleep, or newlyweds looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Not to mention Christmas or birthdays – a great opportunity to give a practical and long-lasting gift with the bett1.de gift voucher.


If you and your friends or family wish to club together to give a gift from the BODYGUARD® series, this is now quite simple with the bett1.de gift voucher. Whether a BODYGUARD® Mattress, Pillow Plus, Mattress Topper or Slatted Frame – simply club together and give the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep.


The bett1.de gift voucher can be used for all of the products available in store. If the balance is not redeemed in one go, the remaining balance can be redeemed at a later date on another product. The gift recipient has 10 years to redeem the bett1.de gift voucher.

The bett1.de Gift Voucher
Right Every Time

Gift vouchers are often considered unimaginative. But their recipients often appreciate them more than a Christmas jumper that’s a few sizes too small, a handmade ashtray for a non-smoking home or the umpteenth kitchen utensil that ends up unused in the cellar. The bett1.de gift voucher is perfect every time. You give the recipient the chance for the ultimate night’s sleep – even if it’s just a token contribution. The recipient can then decide for themselves which items they would like to purchase from the BODYGUARD® series with their gift voucher. This also means you don’t need to know the required mattress size or firmness.