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BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Germany’s Best-Selling Mattress
from €199.00
BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress Boxspring Feeling without metal springs made of 100 % solid foam. One side medium, the other firmer.
from €333.00
BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress Growing up with the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress
from €139.00
BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress Soft Only for soft sleepers. One side is soft, the other side firmer – simply flip it over and change the firmness level.
from €199.00
BODYGUARD® Box Spring Mattress Soft Boxspring Feeling without metal springs made of 100 % solid foam. One side soft, the other firmer.
from €333.00
The BODYGUARD® mattress with open cover and view of the two-coloured foam core: blue at the top, white at the bottom.

Mattress from QXSchaum®

QXSchaum® matress foam is used in our BODYGUARD® Mattresses. This cold foam specially developed for mattresses is a further development of conventional polyurethane foam. Compared to conventional polyurethane foam mattresses, mattresses made from QXSchaum® are durable and retain their shape even after years of use. QXSchaum® is also characterised by its high point elasticity - it therefore yields exactly where the pressure occurs. This is particularly advantageous if you are not sleeping alone on the mattress, as one person does not cause the other person's side of the bed to shake when turning over.

Surface Elasticity vs. Point Elasticity

Point-elastic mattresses yield at specific points, i.e. exactly at the point where the mattress is under pressure. If you exert pressure on an area-elastic mattress, not only does this point give way, but also the area around the load point. A good mattress not only yields precisely to the point, but also to the depth of the pressure. On the other hand, the body is supported and the natural double S-curvature of the spine is maintained. In this way, it ensures that differently shaped bodies lie comfortably on it. The QXSchaum® and the sophisticated incisions of the BODYGUARD® Mattresses ensure ergonomic mattress properties for years to come.

Illustration: Auf einer Matratze steht ein gefülltes Weinglas, dahinter  liegt eine Kugel in einer Kuhle.
Illustration: Auf einer Matratze steht ein gefülltes Weinglas, dahinter  liegt eine Kugel in einer Kuhle.

Which Mattress for Whom?

Different materials have different advantages. With QXSchaum®, we rely on an all-rounder among mattress types. QXSchaum® mattresses combine the positive properties of different mattresses, such as the durability of latex mattresses or the breathability of spring mattresses. In addition, QXSchaum® has its own qualities, such as a light weight, which makes these mattresses particularly easy to handle. An excellent all-rounder and therefore flexible to use - even on adjustable slatted frames. To find out which mattress is right for you, we recommend an extensive sleep trial.

Three sections of the BODYGUARD® mattress core are arranged next to each other: blue, white and red. Above this is a symbol with text: Simply turn/2-in-1 mattress

Finding the Right Firmness Level

Some people prefer firmer mattresses and others softer. You shouldn't take commercial information that recommends a firmness level depending on your body weight too seriously. The firmness level of mattresses is given as H1 to H5, with H1 being very soft and H5 very firm. The most popular firmness level in Germany is H3 (medium firm), followed by H2 (soft) and H4 (firm). The firmness grades H1 (very soft) and H5 (very firm) are offered rather rarely. While you have to decide on a firmness level for most mattresses, with the BODYGUARD® Mattresses we offer you two firmness levels and 100 nights to try them out. To lie firmer or softer, you can simply turn the BODYGUARD® Mattress over.

Mattress Sizes

The most popular mattress size in Germany is the 90×200 cm mattress. This is not only due to singles, this mattress size is often bought twice. The mattresses then fit into a 180 cm wide double bed and each side can be fitted with an individual firmness level.

Our BODYGUARD® Mattresses are available in numerous sizes:

Mattress Width 190 cm

  • Mattress 80x190
  • Mattress 90x190
  • Mattress 100x190
  • Mattress 120x190
  • Mattress 130x190
  • Mattress 135x190
  • Mattress 140x190
  • Mattress 150x190
  • Mattress 160x190
  • Mattress 180x190

Mattress Width 200 cm

  • Mattress 70x200
  • Mattress 80x200
  • Mattress 90x200
  • Mattress 100x200
  • Mattress 120x200
  • Mattress 130x200
  • Mattress 135x200
  • Mattress 140x200
  • Mattress 150x200
  • Mattress 160x200
  • Mattress 180x200
  • Mattress 200x200

Mattress Width 210 cm

  • Mattress 80x210
  • Mattress 90x210
  • Mattress 100x210
  • Mattress 140x210
  • Mattress 160x210
  • Mattress 180x210
  • Mattress 200x210

Mattress Width 220 cm

  • Mattress 80x220
  • Mattress 90x220
  • Mattress 100x220
  • Mattress 120x220
  • Mattress 140x220
  • Mattress 160x220
  • Mattress 180x220
  • Mattress 200x220

For newborns, babies and toddlers, we offer the BODYGUARD® children's mattress in sizes 60x120, 70x140 and 80x160 cm.

Single Mattresses

The 90x200 cm mattress is popular in many single households or shared flats. If you sleep alone but would prefer more sleeping space or want to be prepared for visitors, mattress widths between 100 and 120 cm are a good alternative to the classic mattress.

Mattresses for Two

The classic French bed with a 140x200 cm mattress is the smallest of the double mattresses. If you don't mind physical closeness, this space-saving double bed is ideal. The classic double bed in Germany usually measures 160 x 200 cm. You can sleep on it permanently as a couple without any problems. The bed is even more comfortable with a 180 x 200 cm queen-size mattress or a 200 x 200 cm king-size bed./a>.

Special Sizes and Excess Lengths

Mattresses should have about 10 cm clearance at both the head and foot ends. From a height of 1.80 m, it is worth considering a mattress length of 210 cm or 220 cm. Although these sizes are often a little more expensive, they are usually still available in the standard range in mattress shops. The BODYGUARD® Mattress can normally be ordered up to a size of 200 x 220 cm. As older bed frames are only 190 cm long, the BODYGUARD® Mattress is also available in 190 cm length.

Test Sleep or Test Lying?

We are convinced that you can't get a real impression of your mattress by spending a few minutes trying it out in a shop. Why not? Test lying in a shop:

  • Street clothes distort the lying sensation 
  • nAfter a long day, every mattress initially feels comfortable 
  • The decisive factor is the feeling of waking up

Illustration: A person lies sideways on a cushion. Behind her is a starry sky and the lettering: 100 nights.

So that you can be sure that you have found the right mattress for you, we offer you an extensive trial sleep period. After all, it takes several nights or even weeks for the body to get used to the new sleeping surface. You can therefore try out the BODYGUARD® Mattress for 100 nights. As a rule, you won't give it back afterwards. And if it doesn't suit you, you simply get your money back.

The BODYGUARD® Mattress

Mattresses have never been as advanced as they are today. For a long time, buying a new mattress was a costly and complicated affair. The various mattress offers, statements and recommendations resembled an impenetrable thicket of information and confusion. Adam Szpyt, founder and managing director of bett1.de, therefore had the idea of developing a qualitative solution.

BODYGUARD® anti-cartel mattress. Map of Germany with text: Made in Germany: BODYGUARD® developed in Germany. Core foamed in Germany. Cover sewn in Europe and Germany. Manufactured 100% in Germany.