Illustration: Various mattress sizes are lined up beside one another. Next to these are stick figures of varying sizes.

BODYGUARD® – the Mattress for Short and Tall People

The BODYGUARD® is available in 31 different sizes. Upon request, however, we will also respond to your personal customer request and offer you customised, tailor-made products. Whether standard size or extra-long, narrow or extra-wide, all mattress cores are cut from a single piece. Thus no comfort-reducing bumps are created by glued or separated cores.

The available mattress sizes are visually highlighted in a table, sorted by different lengths.

Ten Standard Sizes from Narrow to Wide

Various mattress sizes ranging from 70 to 200 cm in width are shown in a row.

Our BODYGUARD® in the standard length of two metres was designed for people of all kinds and tested for all sizes from 153 cm to 192 cm in height. The BODYGUARD® Mattress is available in the ten most common standard widths of 70 cm to 200 cm. The price per mattress remains a completely reasonable €199 for mattresses that are less than a metre wide. The additional material costs become relevant starting at a metre in width – the price adjustments in the larger sizes, however, consistently aim for the best price-performance ratio. The BODYGUARD® is characterized by particularly easy handling and weighs just about 9 kg in the narrowest version, and only about 26 kg in the widest.

Whether Tall or Short, the BODYGUARD® Offers Optimal Sleeping Comfort

We have shorter and longer models of our BODYGUARD® Mattress in the range of products for owners of the old bed length of 190 cm and for very tall people. If you are of an unusual height, we recommend that you purchase a mattress of the appropriate special length to ensure that our innovative ergonomic modules really can support your body correctly in the right position.

Six Compact Sizes for Antique Bedsteads

Various mattress widths ranging from 80 to 140 cm are shown in a row for the mattress length of 190 cm.

Previously, the conventional bed length was 190 cm. As average heights began to rise, the bed length was standardised to 200 cm. Of course, we also carry mattresses that fit comfortably into more traditional beds. These shorter sizes do not differ in price from the standard sizes of the same width. They can, however, only be ordered as standard for the widths 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm and 160 cm. If you need a wider version, just contact our customer service and ask about a custom order. The light weight of our BODYGUARD® Mattress lies between around 10 kg to 20 kg for the short sizes and allows ideal handling.

Extra-Long Sizes for People Who Are Extra-Tall

Various mattress widths ranging from 80 to 200 cm are shown in a row for the mattress length of 210 cm. Various mattress widths ranging from 80 to 200 cm are shown in a row for the mattress length of 220 cm.

For extra-tall people, we have 15 standardised extra-long sizes available in lengths of 210 cm and 220 cm for a small extra charge. If you need a different special size, simply contact our customer service. Even in the voluminous overlengths, the BODYGUARD® remains particularly easy to transport thanks to its light weight. The narrowest width of our extra-long sizes weighs just under 11 kg and the widest version weighs just 29 kg.

Many Sizes – One Box

The BODYGUARD® is specially packed, rolled and compressed for shipping. All sizes of our BODYGUARD® Mattress arrive in the same box. The package dimensions are always 120 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm regardless of mattress sizes. Starting at a width of over 120 cm, the mattress is not only vacuum-packed, but also mechanically folded. This packaging process is a techno­logically advanced process that does not subsequently affect the material. For reasons of stability and hygiene, the BODYGUARD®, from a width of over 120 cm, arrives double-wrapped in film: Film also provides additional stability for large sizes when the mattress is folded. This film covers the entire mattress surface. The second, much smaller film keeps the BODYGUARD® rolled-up.

Illustration: the BODYGUARD shipping box
Illustration: A woman opens the BODYGUARD box.
Illustration: A woman pulls the compressed BODYGUARD Mattress out of the box.
Illustration: A woman has pulled the compressed and rolled BODYGUARD Mattress from the box.
Illustration: A woman opens the packing film on the BODYGUARD Mattress.
Illustration: A woman unrolls the compressed BODYGUARD Mattress.
Illustration: A woman opens a corner of the packing film on the BODYGUARD Mattress.
Illustration: A woman discards the packing film from the BODYGUARD Mattress lying in front of her. In the meantime, the mattress unfolds.
Illustration: the BODYGUARD Mattress

With the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress, you are choosing a particularly high-quality product. After unpacking, the BODYGUARD® immediately decompresses. Within eight minutes, the BODYGUARD® Mattress is already fully operational and you can already enjoy an excellent and comfortable sleep. Order your desired size with just one click and the BODYGUARD® will help you dream.