Make a Well-rested Decision

100 Night Trial

What Is a Sleep Trial?

Sleep relaxed and risk-free many nights on your new mattress – at home in your own bed, in familiar surroundings and of course without packaging foil. Because the best way to find out whether a mattress suits you is under real conditions. Only those who try it out can make a well-rested decision.

Why a 100 Night Trial?

Your body needs time to get used to a new mattress. Such a change usually takes two to three weeks. We give you this time and much more. We offer you a 100 Night Trial. Enough time to try out both sides of the BODYGUARD® Mattress.

Simply Order and Make a Well-rested Decision

Illustration: A woman sleeps on a BODYGUARD<sup>®</sup> Mattress in a comfortably furnished room.

Simply select the desired mattress size in our online shop. We deliver the mattress in a compact parcel conveniently to your door. Of course, you can unpack it yourself in peace and quiet.

Once the mattress is in your bed, you can start your sleep trial. Take the time to thoroughly test both sides of the BODYGUARD® Mattress. Test the new lying comfort and enjoy the feeling of waking up, because you can only make the right decision if you are well-rested.

If you are not satisfied during the 100 Night Trial, we will pick up the mattress again – completely free of charge for you. We will then refund the full purchase price. Buying a mattress could not be more carefree.


Illustration: Eight women and men stand in a row; they symbolize the four different body shapes of the HEIA typology.