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A Safe and Clean Night’s Sleep

Growing up with the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress

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BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress under Test

The BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is the mattress that parents and midwives trust. We had those who need to know put our children's and baby mattress through its paces: the midwives praised the cleanliness and safety of the mattress. For the family magazine "kidsgo", 20 families were allowed to test the Kids Mattress extensively for eight weeks. The result: score 1.3 - very good. The service magazine "Guter Rat" gave the mattress a score of 1.6 in its short test in the February 2023 issue, and the verdict: "forgives every mishap". 100% of the testing families are convinced by the quality of the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress in the May 2023 issue of the family magazine "Ja zum Baby".

Made in Germany

BODYGUARD® developed in
Core foamed in
Cover sewn in
Europe and Germany.
100% in Germany.

Certified Quality

All our products with which you sleep in close contact with your skin are tested by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for health safety.

Secure & Transparent

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Maximum Safety for the Little Ones

Everyday life with a child is exciting enough. That's why we have thought ahead as good as possible on the subject of safety for all eventualities. The approx. 10.5 cm high BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is made so that you and your children can sleep peacefully and safely at night. Your infant's head is optimally supported so that it cannot sink too deep into the kids mattress. The ventilation channels and the breathable mattress cover also minimise the risk of rebreathing. To avoid swallowable small parts on the kids' mattress, the handle plate for the zipper is not on the mattress cover, but is enclosed separately. You can use the included handle plate to open the mattress cover to wash the cover and even the lying surface. Labels and tags are either attached inside the cover or sewn completely to the cover.

A Firm Start in Life 

The foam tray of the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress is reinforced on all sides to provide extra support on the edges of the mattress. Children think and act unconventionally. That's why the all-round foam tray is thought out a step further than just for the usual bed exit on the sides. The reinforced edges on all sides support your offspring in trying out new skills and is prepared for mobility jumps in the first years of life as well as for creative ways out of or into bed. No matter on which side of the bed: the all-round reinforced edge support facilitates entry and exit even during the first wobbly steps and protects delicate children's feet from slipping between the mattress and the bed frame or bed rail.

Dry Through
the Night

The breathable HyBreeze® Cover enables optimum release of body moisture and ensures a pleasant sleeping climate. A practical all-round zipper divides the removable cover into two halves, allowing easy washing in any standard washing machine at hygienic 60 °C.

More about HyBreeze® Cover

Standard 100

All textile components of the BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress have been tested according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 in product class I for baby articles. The seal guarantees health safety even for the particularly sensitive age group of babies and toddlers.

More About Health and Environment

A New Dimension of Washability

The BODYGUARD® Kids Mattress takes hygiene to a new level – inside and out.
Washable foam: wash the removable mattress cover at home in your washing machine.
Quick drying: you can put the cover back on just a few hours after washing.
Hygiene right down to the bottom: simply clean all washable parts at a hygienic 60 °C.

Care Instruction

HyBreeze® Cover

  • can be washed at 60 °C maximum
  • no bleach
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • do not iron
  • gentle cleaning with perchlor­ethylene possible

Removable lying surface

  • can be washed at 60 °C maximum
  • no bleach
  • never dry in a tumble dryer
  • do not iron