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 Illustration: The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress. The two-colored core is highlighted. Next to it is written: "QXSchaum® 4.3/4.4, Density 35/40 kg/m³".

QXSchaum® Mattress Foam Generation 4.3/4.4 Powerhouse in the Core

The core of the BODYGUARD® Mattress consists of a high-quality QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, the highly elastic and durable polyurethane foam (PUR). This is considered the most advanced mattress material in the world and provides many benefits:

  • no morning body impression
  • long-term durability in humid and warm bed environment
  • perfect body support in every sleeping position
  • optimal moisture wicking
  • optimal handling due to the light weight
  • consistently reproducible degree of firmness
  • production of continuous mattresses in all sizes

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No Morning Body Impression

Conventional cold foams “soften” at night due to sweat absorption, body weight and body heat. The result is a noticeable body impression, which rebounds during the day. Over the long term, the nightly body impression regenerates more slowly and more poorly. The mattress is “worn out”, which can result in restless sleep. QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, on the other hand, retains its ability to provide constant body support throughout the night. No body impressions form, resulting in a restful sleep.

Graphic: An arrow points from left to right. Next to each other underneath: a moon, a sun, another moon. Next to it is: " QXSchaum® Consistant dimensional stability".

Long Durability

QXSchaum® Mattress Foam is an extremely stable material and it does not form body impressions related to wear and tear, even after decades. It has very good values regarding ageing due to moisture and provides consistent quality throughout the entire life of the mattress. It doesn’t matter if whether a month, a year or 10 years: BODYGUARD® is durable and constantly offers you the best resting comfort. For this reason, we provide you with a 10-year warranty on the mattress core.

Illustration: A clipboard with a ticked checklist and the lowercase letter "b" tilted to one side and the "thumbs up" symbol. Next to it is a document with "Warranty" written on it, the number 10 and the lowercase letter "b" tilted sideways. 

Perfect Body Support in Every Sleeping Position

For a restful sleep, pressure should always be balanced. The individual body shape and the selected lying position play an important role in the distribution of pressure load. QXSchaum® Mattress Foam behaves like a perfect spring. It yields precisely where pressure is created, so giving your body the best possible support. The BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress reacts differentially to different pressure load patterns – it relieves and stabilizes the whole body in every sleeping position. All body shapes sleeping in any lying position are outstandingly well supported.

Illustration: Three people lying in different positions: on their stomach, back and sideways.

Optimal Moisture Wicking

QXSchaum® Mattress Foam has a very open cell structure right after the foaming process, which results in efficient air circulation and optimal moisture wicking. The material has very good air permeability values. The BODYGUARD® thereby provides a very uniform, round and fine pore structure at the core, which enables efficient air circulation (the so-called “airflow effect”). Moisture wicking ensures a balanced and dry sleeping environment.

Illustration: A gray block with arrows running through it from bottom to top and top to bottom. Next to it is written: "Airflow effect". To the left is a pore structure. Below it is written: "round and fine pore structure".

Optimal Handling Due to the Light Weight

QXSchaum® Mattress Foam not only provides outstanding lying properties, but also has an extra-light weight due to its foam density (35 or 40 kg/m³ respectively). This results in optimal handling. A 90x200 cm BODYGUARD® weighs only approx. 12 kg, for example, and thus is easy to transport and turn. Due to the optimal height of 18 cm (with the cover, approximately 18.5 cm) and its flexibility, the mattress is also suitable for adjustable slatted frames. Durability is not impacted by the light weight and foam density.

 The two-tone BODYGUARD® mattress core: dark at the top and light at the bottom. Next to it is written: "Density 35/40 kg/m³". Next to it are two symbols, a curved mattress and a spring. Next to it is written: "Ideal manageability" and "Light Weight".

Consistently Reproducible Degree of Firmness

Conventional cold foam has a considerable production-related fluctuation in firmness of 40 percent. This means that, in reality, an alleged firmness level of 3 may actually be very soft (degree of firmness H1). Mattresses made of QXSchaum® Mattress Foam, on the other hand, always have the same degree of firmness, as this can be consistently reproduced. The upper and lower sides of the BODYGUARD® Mattress offer you various levels of firmness. For example, the lying side of the BODYGUARD® Anti-Cartel-Mattress is standardised in accordance with DIN EN 1957 and remain consistent. For a secure purchase and pleasant nights.

Illustration: An apparatus compresses a foam block. Next to it is written: "Lying hardness according to DIN EN 1957". 

Production of Continuous Mattresses in All Sizes

Starting at a width of 160 cm, most mattresses consist of two mattress cores that have been glued together. Because of the gluing, these mattresses are often excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty. Mattress cores of QXSchaum® Mattress Foam are always produced in a single piece – in all sizes. The modern production process used for our QXSchaum® Mattress Foam allows for uniformly continuous mattress cores without an adhesive seam, which results in the best possible sleeping comfort on the entire mattress. Of course, you get a 10-year warranty on all our mattress cores, regardless of size

Illustration: Three cut-outs of a square of different heights and widths. It says: 90, 140, 200 and next to it a crossed-out tube symbol under which it says: "No adhesive seam".

Have a look at our innovative  QXSchaum® Mattress Foam – with proven and consistently high quality.